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I want to write a new chapter

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But then, the next chapter is calling and you procrastinate, you read blogs, you do laundry, you AVOID.

How can you get started on that next chapter? Sensory details.

I like to imagine where my character is in the next chapter, then Be my Austria tonight my eyes, put myself there and try to imagine all the things the character might see, hear, touch, taste or smell. Then, I push hard to find an interesting detail and I start writing.

The danger is that you might start with too much description. The goal here is to get started.

Alternately, starting with a great verb can help jumpstart the story. Think beyond the usual: walk, run, turn head, whirl. Instead, go for something distinctive: salute, pirouette, regurgitate.

Please, avoid those pesky adverbs, which add so little. Not walked lazily. But strolled. Keep it going for about ten exchanges and then move on.

Rarely does it work to have a character start a chapter in bed, then wake up. Prove me wrong! As long as it gets you going on a new chapter.

Past action is boring; current action is exciting. Dull vocabulary. These are ideas to help you get something—anything—on paper.

But that first draft has to get written, one chapter at a time. Stop procrastinating.