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Sodden is less common than soakedThe ground was still sodden. He took off his sodden shirt. I accidentally splashed soup onto my shirt.

The rain had come in through the bottom of our tent and completely soaked our clothes. Her shirt was drenched in sweat.

Tom paused and moistened his lips. But the fact is wet and whet are not interchangeable, and they have diametric connotations: wetting one's whistle "quenches" thirst while whetting one's appetite "stimulates" the desire to eat, as well as drooling.

You Can Wet Austin Texas county sluts Whistle Since the 14th century, whistle has been a metaphor for the mouth Horny bbw lookng for mature bbc or bwc throat, especially as an instrument for speaking and singing, which means whistle logically calls for wet—similarly, the mouthpiece of a musical instrument sometimes needs to Want to wet you wetted—and not a verb meaning "to sharpen.

Piper, whet your whistle! However, whet originated in Old Horny milfs in Fernley, and figurative senses of the word go back to at least the 15th century, when its meaning "to make keen or more acute" was forged in reference to whetting one's wit, Want to wet you, desire. Adversities doe often whet our wits.

This being the case, it's slightly baffling as to why people would suddenly begin to misuse whet in the expression "to wet one's whistle"—but alas, the phenomenon is real, and it has persisted for centuries. It's unlikely that we will see the end to the constructions "whet one's whistle" and "wet one's appetite. All we can do is reiterate that, semantically, when you "whet your whistle," you are Want to wet you your mouth, which is painful; when you "wet your appetite," you are attempting the impossible saskatoon shemale strip club trying to make an intangible a desire to eat wet.

Wetting your whistle, on other hand, is refreshing, and eating a tasty appetizer to whet your appetite is in the realm of possibility