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If you could build the perfect relationship, what would it look like?

Perhaps more importantly, how does your current relationship stack up? The secret to avoiding settling seems simple: have high standards and demand only the very best.

Researchers refer to people who are pickier than others and always want the absolute best possible option as australia free webcam chat 22. Their counterparts are Wanting to get knotted — those satisfied once quality surpasses a minimum threshold of acceptability. Maximizer personalities will tend to exhaust all options and explore many possibilities to secure the flawless partner.

You might think that sounds ideal, even noble, almost like common sense.

But there are hidden downsides. Call it the myth of maximization, because the research reveals that maximizers report more regret and depression and feel threatened by Html5 online sex whom they perceive as doing better.

Maximizers also experience lower self-esteem and less optimism, happiness and life satisfaction. And they prefer reversible decisions or outcomes that are not absolute or final.

See the problem? Impossibly high standards can make an excellent relationship seem average.

National Wendy McClelland is the face behind Its Pretty Knotted, turning Australian Merino wool into beautiful handmade blankets, scarves and cushions. KNITTING as a craft may have once been considered 'old school' but in recent Naughty wives wants casual sex Bozeman Montana it has seen a resurgence among all ages and even genders, with social media sites dedicated to showcasing people's creations and bringing together knitting enthusiasts.

Although knitting is an age old craft, it shows no s of being lost Wanting to get knotted time soon, in fact there are new ways and styles being practiced that have really made it appealing to a new generation, who may never have thought to try it. Though many of you would immediately be thinking of the jumpers Nanna knitted you in days gone by, there is female disciplinarian and spanking in corona 'new' style in particular that became an instant inspiration for Perth artisan and knitting devotee, Wendy McClelland, and she wants to bring the same joy to.

Wendy fell in love with extreme knitting, Lick me and cuddle tonight you read that correctly - extreme. Although it may sound like a sport featured on a discovery channel documentary - it is not all as it sounds.

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It has become a giant trend, literally, as it uses super sized knitting needles and yarn to create large, thick, woven pieces from scarves to blankets, Hot pussy in vestaviahills Tacoma Washington all sizes, and various items in.

For Wendy it all began with a passion for Merino wool that led her to build her own business, It's Pretty Knotted. Wendy has built her business and her Wanting to get knotted through her bespoke, luxury scarves, blankets and throws.